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A directory of technical and scientific assemblies that are coming, offers. Web Intelligence (WI) investigates the crucial functions, interactions in addition to practical impacts of Artificial Intelligence engineering and Advanced Information Technology to the following generation of Web systems. Some keynote demos will likely be held collectively with the IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology (IAT 2011). Active Media Technology: 9th International Conference, AMT 2013, Maebashi, Japan, October 29- Proceeding, 31, 2013.

Zhang, X.H., Yao, Y.Y., and Zhao, Y., Qualitative approximations of fuzzy sets and non classical three-valued logics (I), Proceedings of the 5th International Confernece on Rough Sets and Knowledge Technology (RSKT 2010), Beijing, China, October 15-17, 2010, LNCS(LNAI) 6401, pp. 195-203. Yao, Y.Y., Interval sets and interval set algebras, Proceedings of the 8th IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Informatics, Hong Kong, China, June 15-17, 2009, pp. 307-314.

A computer systems that are Active - Interactional systems and application of AMT established systems - Active media machine learning and data mining techniques - AMT for social networks, semantic web, and cognitive bases - Wisdom for tactical foresight - Technologies and theories of story - Evolutionary computation and its particular own own use.-An Intelligent media search techniques. They are able to return significantly further to find media that's disruptive.

Wang, Z.W., Maguire, R.B., and Yao, Y.Y., A non-Euclidean model for internet retrieval, Web-Age Information Management, Proceeding of the 1st International Conference on Web-Age Information Management, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1846, Shanghai, China, June 21-23, 2000, Lu, H. and Zhou, A. (Eds.), Springer, Berlin, pp. 233-238. A national startup boom led by fervent entrepreneurs developing a wide variety of internet products and services has been propelled by this happening. Active Media Technology.

Zhong, N., Ohara, H., Iwasaki, T. and Yao, Y.Y., Using WI Technology to Develop Intelligent Enterprise Portals, Proceeding of the WI/IAT Workshop on Applications, Products and Services of Web-based Support Systems (WSS'03), Halifax, Canada, October 13, 2003, Yao, J.T. and Lingras, P. (Eds.), Technical Report 2003-03, Department of Mathematics and Computing Science, Saint Mary's University, pp. 83-89.

Yao, Y.Y., Granular computing: basic problems and potential alternatives, Proceeding of the 5th Joint Conference on Information Sciences, Volume I, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, February 27 - March 3, 2000, P.P. Wang (Ed.), Association for Intelligent Machines, pp. 186-189. The seminar also represents the strategy to substantially enlarge its training initiatives around the world of Poynter. As a Unique Occasion, it's definitely going to be formed in Warsaw in 2014.

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