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Dr. Xiaohui (Daniel) Tao is a lecturer of computing in the Department of Mathematics and Computing, Faculty of Sciences at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Australia. N. Zhong, J. Liu, and Y.Y. Yao, "Web Intelligence (WI)", The Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Engineering, Vol. J. Hu and N. Zhong, "A Multilevel Integration Strategy for E-Finance Portal Development", in S. Iwata, Y. Ohsawa, S. Tsumoto, N. Zhong, Y. Shi, L. Magnani (eds.) Communications and Discoveries from Multidisciplinary Data, Studies in Computational Intelligence 123, Springer (2008) 139-156.

R.Y.K. Lau (September 20-24, 2004), "Discovering Dialogue Knowledge for a Probabilistic Discussion Web Service in e Business", minutes of the 3rd IEEE/WIC International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI'04), IEEE Press., Beijing, China, pages 264-270. Yao, Y.Y., Granular computing, Proceeding of The 4th Chinese National Conference on Rough Sets and Soft Computing, Special issue of Computer Science (Ji Suan Ji Ke Xue), Vol.

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As a convention that is actually uniqueThe and international areas of fuzzy sets and soft computing, 2013 IFSA-NAFIPS Joint Congress will bring together professionals, engineers, students, and scientists fuzzy logic to present their recent research achievements and working in affiliated areas. International Convention on Computer and Information Technology, January 27, Cape Town, South Africa. Tencent is more than one third owned by South African publishers Naspers Ltd.

They may be grouped on active human and design evaluation in active media; data mining - Social Media and Web interaction; energetic Web intelligence software; productive multi-agent and network systems; as well as technology intelligence. Attendees will attend shows, sessions, workshops and demonstrations around both seminars and simply should register for one seminar. All-Inclusive tips will be accessible in the seminar homepage. They're the private view of their users.

L. Song, W. Zhang,Lau, S. S. Liao, and R.C.W. Kwok (July 2012), "A critical analysis of the state of the art on automated detection of deceptive actions in social media", proceedings of the 2012 Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, Hochiminh City, Vietnam, paper 91. There is a movement gaining impetus to boost technology as a location for girls to work, and to change the figures for women in technology. Hypertext 2014 - 25th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media.

Zhong, N., Liu, J., Yao, Y.Y., and Ohsuga, S. Web Intelligence (WI), a position paper of a panel on Data Mining and Web Information Systems, Proceedings of the 24th IEEE Computer Society International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2000), Taipei, Taiwan, October 25-27, 2000, pp. 469-470. On Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing (UIC'08), LNCS 5061, June 2008, pp.61-74. Follow the link bellow and free download Active Media Eclipse v.3 Personal Edition.

Liu, J., Zhong, N., Yao, Y.Y., and Wu, J.L., Web intelligence meets immunology, Proceeding of The First International Seminar on Complex Medical Engineering (CME2005), Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan, May 15-18, 2005, pp. 387-390. Liu, W.N., Yao, J.T. and Yao, Y.Y., Constructive fuzzy sets with likeness semantics, Proceedings of the 24th International Conference of NAFIPS, Ann Arbor, USA, June 22-25, 2005, pp. 591-596. MobiWIS 2014: 11th International Conference on Mobile Web Information Systems.

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