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Computerworld's Open Business Conference 2014 in San Francisco this week focused on the latest in empowering technologies and solutions at the utilization of Open Source in the areas of Cloud the business, Big Data, Mobile applications, Enterprise Mobility and applications integration. N. Zhong, J. Liu, Y.Y. Yao "Web Intelligence (WI): A New Paradigm for Developing the Wisdom Web and Social Network Intelligence", N. Zhong, J. Liu, and Y.Y. Yao (eds) Web Intelligence, Springer Monograph (2003) 1-16. N. Zhong "Ontologies in Web Intelligence", L.C. Jain, Z. Chen, N. Ichalkaranje (eds.) Intelligent Agents and Their Applications, Physica (2002) 83-100. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 2366, Springer (2002) 55-65.

R.Y.K. Lau, C.L. Lai, and Y. Li (February 2011), "Fuzzy Ontology Mining and Semantic Information Granulation for Powerful Information Retrieval ChoiceInternational Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems , Atlantis Press, 4, 1, 54-65. In: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE'06), July 5 - 6, Athens, Greece, pp. 267 - 274.

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Wang, Y.X., Baciu, G., Yao, Y.Y., Zhang, B., Kinsner, W. Hunag, C.R., Chan, K., Goertzel, B., Miao, D.Q., Sugawara, K. Wang, G.Y., You, J., Zhang, D., Zhong, N., Zhu, H.B. Views on cognitive informatics and cognitive computing: outline of the panel of IEEE ICCI'09, Proceedings of the 8th IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Informatics, Hong Kong, China, June 15-17, 2009, 9-27. My first step was to share what seemed to be a thought-provoking convention with folks in your network.

IEEE WCCI 2014 will take part in cross-fertilization among the three places that are huge and offer a stimulating forum for scientists, engineers, educators, and students from all over the world present and to discuss their research findings on computational intelligence. IJCNN 2014: The annual International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) is the main conference of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society as well as the International Neural Network Society.

N. Zhong, J. Liu, Y.Y. Yao, J. Wu, S. Lu, Y. Qin, K. Li, and B. Wah, Web Intelligence Meets Brain Informatics, N. Zhong et al (eds) Web Intelligence Meets Brain Informatics, LNCS 4845, State of the Art Survey, Springer (2007) 1-31. W. Li, N. Zhong, Y.Y. Yao, J. Liu, and C. Liu, Spam Filtering and E-Mail-Mediated Intelligent Programs, N. Zhong et al (eds) Web Intelligence Meets Brain Informatics, LNCS 4845, State-of-the-Art Survey, Springer (2007) 382-405.

Come there to gather your seminar materials (backpack, badge, proceedings,..) or get information. The 2014 International Conference on Active Media Technology (AMT 2014) will be a piece of the 2014 Web Intelligence Congress (WIC 2014). Web Intelligence has been recognized as among the most important and promising directions for development and scientific research of options that lead to creation of the Knowledge-based Society.

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