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The 2011 International Seminars on Active Media Technology (AMT 2011) and Brain Informatics(BI 2011) is going to be held during September 7-9, 2011 at Lanzhou, China. In each scenario, the submission deadline is February 28, 2013 (later in relation to the main conference entry deadline), and submissions should be sent directly to the seats of the corresponding sessions. The methods for computing with approximations create the heart of numerous methodologies developed for managing huge data, imprecise information and incomplete knowledge. Proceedings of the International Conference on Active Media Technology (AMT 2005).

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Active computer systems.- Interactional systems and application of AMT established systems.- Active media machine learning and data mining techniques.- AMT for semantic web, social networks, and cognitive foundations.- Intelligence for tactical foresight.- Technologies and theories of story.- Evolutionary computation and its particular application.-An Intelligent media search techniques. J. Hu and N. Zhong "Clickstream Data Acquisition with Web Farming", Proc.

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