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This paper first describes two independently conducted research fibrils on affectional human-computer interaction: one on an emotion simulation system for an expressive 3D humanoid broker called Max, that has been designed in the University of Bielefeld 8, 2; the other one on a real time system for empathic (agent) feedback that is based on human emotional states derived from physiological info, and developed at the University of Tokyo along with the National Institute of Informatics 15. Subsequently, the integration of both systems is proposed with the aim of understanding a highly believable representative with empathic qualities. J. Huang and N. Zhong, "A Unified Probabilistic Inference Model for Targeted Marketing", in S. Iwata, Y. Ohsawa, S. Tsumoto, N. Zhong, Y. Shi, L. Magnani (eds.) Communications and Discoveries from Multidisciplinary Data, Studies in Computational Intelligence 123, Springer (2008) 171-186. Y. Li, N. Zhong, Ontology Based Web Data Mining for Information Gathering, N. Zhong et al (eds) Web Intelligence Meets Brain Informatics, LNCS 4845, State of the Art Survey, Springer (2007) 406-427.

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Liu, D., Yao, Y.Y., and Li, T.R., Three-way decision-theoretic rough sets (in Chinese), The Joint Convention of the 10th Chinese Conference on Rough Sets and Soft Compuing, The 4th Chinese Conference on Web Intelligence, and The 4th Chinese Conference on Granular Computing, Chongqing, China, October, 11-23, 2010, Computer Science (Ji Suan Ji Ke Xue), Vol. Your Own Support System with Long-Term Heart Diseases for Older Users.

K. XU, Stephen Shaoyi LIAO, R.Y.K. LAU, L. ZHAO (2014), "Successful Active Learning Strategies for the Use of Large-Margin Classifiers in Semantic Annotation: An Optimal Parameter Discovery Viewpoint", INFORMS Journal on Computing , 26, 3, 461-483. The issue is privacy invasion of children perceive grownup direction of the food collections or exercise preferences versus control via social networking and cyberbullying.

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