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RAYMOND Y.K. LAU is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Systems at City University of Hong Kong. Y.Y. Yao and N. Zhong, "Granular Computing for Web Intelligence", Ras, Zbigniew W., Dardzinska, Agnieszka (Eds.) Advances in Data Management, Studies in Computational Intelligence, Vol. Fifth Joint Conference on Information Sciences (JCIS-2000), Invited Session on Granular Computing and Data Mining (GrC DM) in The Seventh International Conference on Fuzzy Theory and Technology (FT&T 2000) (2000) 170-173. The 2nd International Workshop on Active Mining, in conjunction with ISMIS'03 (2003) 74-84.

Web Intelligence has been recognized as one of the most crucial and promising directions for scientific research and development of options that contribute to creation of the Knowledge-based Society. WIC 2014 will even contain events focused on Intelligent Agents, Active Media in addition to Brain Informatics and Health, in order tothe cross fertilization of ideas from different communities.

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Y. Li, N. Zhong, X. Zhou, and S.T. Wu "Filtering and Complicated Data Processing for Web Information Cathering", M. Kryszkiewicz, J.F. Peters, H. Rybinski, A. Skowron (eds.) Rough Sets and Intelligent Systems Paradigms, LNAI 4585, Springer (2007) 813-823. Y. Li and N. Zhong "Mining Rough Association from Text Documents for Web Information Gathering", Springer Transactions on Rough Sets VII, Springer LNCS 4400 (2007) 103-119. Its intention is always to generate tension and section in Nigeria.

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Here AI-engineering is a general term that refers to a brand new place, marginally beyond traditional AI: ancient areas such as knowledge engineering, preparation, representation, discovery and data mining, human level AI, intelligent agents, social network brains and brain informatics are examples. Advanced Information Technology comprises cloud computing, service oriented layout, ubiquitous devices, social networks, and information/knowledge grids, jointly with wireless networks.

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